The Fulfillment House Software You've Been Waiting For


Advantage - Client Portals

FufillmentSOFT is based on advanced portal technology that "keeps your customers close". Your clients can always see what is happening with their orders, shipments and inventory 24/7. FulfillmentSoft keeps all relevant information at your fingertips, and your clients. Your clients can access their "Client Portal" with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Since your clients can easily "see" their orders and shipments at any time, these secure portals can dramatically reduce support calls and email messages.

Advantage - Open Standards

What is under the hood? Why you should care?

The underlying standards and programming code used to build a system can tell you a lot about it's adaptibility, long term viability and it's security. Even though you may not own the software, your business relies on it to process all of your orders and shipments.

We use only current professional enterprise software languages, libraries, components, and tools. Give us a call, we are happy to explain the details with you.

Advantage - Usability

As a general rule, most fulfillment software is often  unfriendly and totally un-intuitive. Traditional fulfillment software can be a confusing jungle of forms, menues and reports that are used to get orders out the door as quickly as possible. Client assistance, user reports, problem resolution are outside their scope.

Thanks our technology, it is now possible to incorporate usability, accesability and better automation as key elements of our software. FulfillmentSOFT is built for real people that need to work as a team. Our software is also designed to make the order process transparent to Clients, Sales People, Administrators, and Staff so they can truly work as a "team". Your team can manage all orders and shipments on a near Real-time  process basis.

Advantage - Adaptability

Have you ever heard this from one of your clients: "Oh, I forgot to tell you! "We are are doing a big promotion campaign in a few days, you have to be ready for us. We need you to implement a custom bundle offer. So we need you to create product bundles for all orders that qualify... " OR "Tomorrow we are going to have you fulfill only some of our products and we are going to fulfill others directly... Yes they will both be on mixed on the same order..." Many last minute sales offerings are very difficult to incorporated quickly.

Production efficency and accuracy is not enough anymore. The ability to adapt to constantly changing client needs is imperative. FulfillmentSOFT uses internal product, shipment, and picking rules to make these changers easily.


Feature Summary:

  • Comprehensive Shopping Cart & Marketplace Support
  • Web-based "Real-time" order and tracking information
  • Automated Order Management
  • Omni Channel Commerce
  • Real-time Inventory Management
  • Fulfillment Invoicing
  • Robust Client Portals with remote order entry
  • Advanced Content Management System
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Management
  • Fulfillment Billing
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Order & Shipment Tracking

Shopping Carts Supported:

  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Miva
  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • OpenCart
  • PayPal
  • WooCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • X-Cart
  • etc.
  • Most Carts are supported via ShipStation
  • All MySQL hosted carts (Optional)


  • Amazon
  • ebay
  • Wallmart/Jet
  • Etsy
  • etc.

Automation = Efficient Order Processing

Before FulfillmentSoft

  • High cost per order
  • Lost orders
  • Difficult to use
  • Hard to train
  • Incompatible with
    existing system
  • Frequent breakdowns

With FulfillmentSoft

  • Lower cost per order
  • Controlled orders
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to train
  • Compatible with
    existing system
  • Minimum breakdowns



  • Web-based construction
  • Responsive screens for mobile access.
  • Open Standards Technolgy
  • "Real-time" order and tracking information.
  • Large-scale batch presorts for domestic shipping. (Optional)
  • Enterprise Platform
  • State of the Art Content Mangement System (Optional)

Optional Software Integrations

  • FedEx Ship Manager
  • UPS Worldship
  • Hasler MCM
  • Harvey CPS
  • Satori Software

About Us / Contact Info:

FulfillmentSOFT is developed and maintained by Computing Insights. Much of our team comes from the fulfillment industry which understands the entire fulfillment business and processes.

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Pricing Structure:

Yes, we actually publish our pricing. We can even customize it to meet your needs. FulfillmentSOFT will build a plan that is just right for your business and budget.

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