Order Management, Inventory and Shipping version for Retailers and Wholesalers

Do you have growing order problems, chaos in the warehouse, unhappy customers? You need a robust, but affordable sytems to manage your order flow.

Customer Service

In today's competitive marketplace, real time information is essential. No matter what your business sells and ships to your customers, the need to know, in real time, when it shipped, how it shipped, and when it will arrive is vital to your customer service and most importantly your bottom line.

FulfillmentSoft puts all that information at your finger tips. Within seconds you will know who the customer is, what shipped, when it shipped, when it should arrive at your customers location.

Nobody is perfect. Every business, every customer makes mistakes. When a mistake happens, how effectively you react and remedy the situation is vital to your "Customer Retention".

FulfillmentSoft puts all the information in front of you, so you can assess the problem quickly and take whatever actions are required in a professional an orderly manner not another chaotic Fire Drill.


Main Features

  • Shopping Cart API
  • Order Management
  • Product Fulfillment
  • Shipping Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Customer Support
  • Order Tracking
  • Trade Show support
  • Complete Field Salesforce Support
  • Barcode Label Printing
  • Barcode Scanning Support
  • Highly Adaptable to Your Specific Needs
  • Easy to use and easy to learn interface.
  • Context Sensitive Help

Efficient Order Processing Through Automation

Do you have these order fulfillment problems? High cost per order, lost orders, hard to use and hard to train, missing integration with other software, surprise breakdowns. These are all signs that point to a poor or nonexistent order automation system.

FulfillmentSoft was designed by our field tested developers to seamlessly meet the demanding needs of most retail and manufacturing operations. Fulfillment soft was designed with a major emphasis on usability, reducing confusion and mistakes. It can easily support multiple channels, each with their own unique order flow. Our system is also built to grow with you to meet the the needs of your business

FulfillmentSoft is built to help your staff deal with unexpected orders and events. It prevents an atmosphere where crisis is normal. It is not a "canned solution" that you have to fit your business to. It is adaptable to the way you need your business to run. Whether you a paper-less, paper-driven, or hybrid processing operation we can support it.

Order Fulfillment Features:

  • Web-based "Real-time" order and tracking information
  • Large-scale batch presorts for domestic and international shipping.
  • Automated server to server synchronization with all information needs to fulfill and ship orders.
  • Inventory Management
  • Automated connection to UPS WorldShip, FedEx Shipping Manager, USPS. Based on FedEx, UPS and USPS requirements and standard or contract rate schedules
  • Cross Platform Technolgy
  • Advanced Content Management System
  • Support for handheld wireless warehouse devices